JKFlynn Era

James K Flynn

Season Thirty Three
No. Title Writer Episodes
162 Object Permanence by Julio Angel Ortiz 4 episodes
163 Emblems of Darkness by Julio Angel Ortiz 5 episodes
164 Terror of the Arctic by Richard Franklin 8 episodes
165 Playground of the Devil by Shelly Dean and Thomas Himinez 3 episodes

Season Thirty Four
No. Title Writer Episodes
166 The Napoleon of Shadows by Julio Angel Ortiz 5 episodes
167 Iron Legion by Raymond De Long and David Segal 3 episodes
168 Project Alpha by Richard Franklin 3 episodes
169 Hortima Prime by Paul Clement 3 episodes
170 The Christmas Conspiracy by John S. Drew 1 episode

Season Thirty Five
No. Title Writer Episodes
171 Hippocratic Oath by George Maglio 4 episodes
172 Equilibrium by Kyron Mallett 4 episodes
DW4 The Call of Pudsey by Thomas Himinez 2 episodes
173 Long Winter's Night by Jack Morrissey 1 episode
174 Alive by Robin-Mary Manseth and Shelly Dean 4 episodes

Cancelled Story
No. Title Writer Episodes
--- Unnatural Time by Julio Angel Ortiz 6 episodes

Season Thirty Five (continued)
No. Title Writer Episodes
175 The Eyes of All by Everett Frost 2 episodes

Season Thirty Six
No. Title Writer Episodes
176 The Sontaran Trap by James Durkin 3 episodes
177 End of Innocence by Rachel Steffan

4 episodes

178 Might of the Starry Sea by J.D. Smith 5 episodes

Preceeded by The Jym DeNatale Era.

Followed by The R. Douglas Barbieri Era

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