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Jake Ford is a member of the Defenders Initiative in Defenders of Earth and a companion of the Doctor's in Time and Space. He is portrayed by Thomas Davis.


"Get a hold of yourself man!"

(Jake Ford)

Defenders of Earth[]

Jake appeared as one of the main characters in the 2010 film Defenders of Earth. He fought alongside Zack for a couple of months as part of the Defenders, but the two had been friends for years. Jake was the only other person to witness the death of Lucas O'Brian, the other being Zack. This happened after he escaped the Jacua's space ship. Lucas saved his life just before being killed with the Jacua.

Time and Space[]

Jake appeared in Severeal episodes of Time and Space. Most notable right now is Season 2 Episode 5, where he and Zack went on a hunt for the tardis to help the Doctor. He has been confirmed to appear in Season 3.