Hortima full 1
Hortima Prime
Season Number: 34
Story Number: 169
Doctor: James K Flynn Doctor
Companions: Moira Skye
Writer: Paul Clement
Producer: The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD)
Release Date: July 2007
Running Time: 86 minutes
No. Episodes: 3
Previous Story: Project Alpha
Following Story: The Christmas Conspiracy



When a new planet enters the Hortima system, settlers from the overcrowded planet Cirrosia touchdown to cultivate the fertile soil.

When contact is lost with the settlers, the Cirrosian Government sends out a rescue ship, but soon after landing on the planet, the crew find they have problems of their own. The settlers have disappeared and their buildings are in ruins. What's more, there's something coming for the crew in the night.

When the Doctor and Moira arrive, they soon become embroiled in the rescue crew's struggle for survival. While the paranoid Lieutenant Matthews looks to them for blame, something else seems to be interested in the Doctor for reasons of its own.


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The Doctor: James K Flynn
Moira Skye: Karen Holliday
Thraskeen: David Segal
Phillips: Peter Hinchman
Matthews: Rick Rhodes
Daniels: Julio Angel Ortiz


Script Editor: Fawn Adamson
Title Music: Murray Gold
Cover Artwork: Matthew Chambers
Written by: Paul Clement
Special Sound: Audio Sparx
Producer: Allen Davidson
Director: Brian Knowland

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 13DWA169
(c) 2007 SegalCHORD Productions


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