This Fanon Doctor is portrayed by Vasilios Alagiannis, and is part of the ongoing series of Doctor Who video adventures by Home Grown Productions.

Character, Quirks and appearance Edit

It is not made clear what regeneration this Doctor, or if indeed he is a direct regeneration (there is the Infinite doctor theory as alluded to in Zagreus). he is a kind, seemingly gentle individual who has issues over his weight. This makes his enemies underestimate him as he also comes across as a harmless wanderer, though this is far from the truth. In fact he is perhaps a more dangerous Doctor than his previous incarnations, in that he is prepared to break the Laws of Time itself if he has to to save lives. This is portrayed in "Lost and Found", when he travels across the time lines and interferes with an event in a vain effort to save a young woman. This act wipes the girl out of the time line and the Doctor is forced to live with the consequences.

His appearence is that of a stocky man with a trimmed beard. His quirks are that of an awe that makes him oblivious to the more mundane things about him, though he is never one to forget his manners. He is a kindly young man who thinks very highly of anyone he meets, unless they push him to his limits or insults those people he already gains quick respect for. Though the series is filmed and set primarily in America, his accent is none distinct, which makes him able to fit in almost anywhere.

List of AppearancesEdit

  • Hidden Secrets (2001)
  • The Pub With No Doors (2003, re-released 2004)
  • Lost and Found (2008)
  • Pudsai (2008)
  • Zophren (2009)
  • The Enduring End (2011)

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