Season Number: 2
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Edward Bradley
Writer: Simon Hart
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: July/August 2008
Running Time: 51 minutes
No. Episodes: 2
Previous Story: Heart of the Haniad
Following Story: The Paradise Machine



"Many have tried to gain access to the Zunestra Collection without my consent and I can tell you I had no qualms in dealing with them in the severest possible way!"

Byron Zunestra: a conman apparently gone straight, with the finest collection of rare and unique objects. And Zunestra has just acquired some strange new delights for his collection, namely a jewelled pendant and a mysterious dark blue cabinet...

Meanwhile Jann Cordelis has lost the Pendant of Norombra to Zunestra and needs to recover it to avoid shame and imprisonment at home, while The Doctor and his new friend Edward Bradley have made it to the New Harlow Megropolis, but the Doctor has lost his still-incapacitated TARDIS and Ed has somehow found himself standing in a field freezing his unmentionables off! Everything is set for a Heist!

Will Ed emerge triumphant from his job interview? Which man will Jann go home with? And can the Doctor retrieve both the Pendant of Norombra and the TARDIS in time for a slap up dinner at the Frillington?


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  • Heist! follows directly on from Heart of the Haniad with mention of the Doctor crashing Ed's Fiat Mravel outside Halfords and then losing the TARDIS.
  • Edward Bradley formally becomes a new companion here as he's introduced to the TARDIS after being highly sceptical throughout the adventure about The Doctor's claims about his ship.
  • The Doctor and Ed stay in the Penthouse Suite of The Hotel Florana which features effervescent pools similiar to those alluded to by the Doctor in Death to the Daleks.
  • The Doctor listens to a lot of Gershwin's music in this adventure.
  • The Doctor's jacket is revealed to have come from the classic 21st century tailors, Burtons.
  • Ed pockets the Pendant of Norombra at the end of the story.No one knows yet whether that will come back to haunt him...



  • The Doctor - Paul Monk
  • Edward Bradley - Martin Penny
  • Jann Cordelis - Kathy Reidtmann
  • Byron Zunestra - Michael Talks
  • Mick Ridgeway - Si Hunt
  • Administrator - Andrew Clancy
  • Assistant - Alex Finch
  • Guard 1 / Barman - Simon Hart
  • Guard 2 - Steven Alexander
  • Waiter - Dave Tudor

Production NotesEdit

  • This was the first full production undertaken by Simon Hart who had previously undertaken sound design duties for Consequences.
  • This was also the first story to be recorded completely in story order, as this gave the cast a better idea of what was going on plotwise and added urgency to their performances.


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