Season: 2
Story Number: 5
Doctor: Ronn Smith Doctor
Companions: Amara & Grae
Writer: Jonithan Patrick Russell & Jackson Rees
Producer: Dream Realm Enterprises
Release Date: Feb 2009
Running Time: 51 minutes
No. Episodes: 2 episodes
Previous Story: The Lost
Following Story: The Snare



When the Doctor, Grae, and Amara answer a distress signal, they find themselves onboard a battle-scarred Kronek Warship, whose sole survivor claims to have been the victim of an attack by legendary monsters known only as Harbingers. But the Doctor soon discovers there is some truth to old legends.

Soon they are boarded by the Kronek's enemies, the Brellians, whose Commanding Officer, General Kane, is sceptical of the Kronek's story. Especially when his own crew begin to die off one-by-one in gruesome ways. Can the Doctor convince Kane the Harbingers really do exist before it's too late?! Or will Kane's stubbornness get them all killed?!


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The Doctor: Ronn Smith
Amara: Shannon Hilchie
Grae: Sara Garrard
Officer Yorr: Jim Barbour
Steve Dunlap: General Kane
Resh: Rich Pennacchio Jr.
Guard: Jeff Niles
Starris: Elie Hirschman
The Harbinger: Jonithan Patrick Russell


Sound Designer/Executive Producer/Director: Jonithan Patrick Russell
with additional Harbinger Sounds by Jeff Niles
Post Production Editing: Jeff Niles
Producer: Kyle Borcz
Co-Producer: Ronn Smith

Production NotesEdit


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