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Gregson with the Doctor

Gregson (Far right) with the Doctor

Gregson Ranch is a main protagonist of Time and Space and is portrayed by Kyle Cropper. He appears as the 11th Doctors Main Companion is the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Christmas Specials. He also appears as the 13th Doctors one off companion in Season 3 Episode 6


Travells with the Doctor[]

Gregson was the main companion of the 11th Doctor, although he only appears in the christmas specials. in Destiny's Call, he and the Doctor come face to face against the Zakatrons. They stop them by sending them into the time vortex

Their next adventure is Season 3 Episode 6, where the 11th Doctor gets possessed by the Recture and Gregson teams up with the 13th Doctor to save him. During this adventure the Doctor takes Gregson to LV 46 where he accidentely witnesses his own death. The Doctor wipes it from his mind so tha he forgets. they save the 11th Doctor and Gregson travels away with him.

Gregson's last appearance is in the Christmas Special Invader of the Dead. He and the Doctor travel to LV 46, where they encounter a dalek. In a desperate attempt to escape, the car they drive away in gets destroyed and unfortunately Gregson dies in the accident.

David and Gregson[]

David is the adoptive son of Gregson and David is also the future companion of the Doctor. Gregson rescued David from Crastoff during the third world war and adopted him as his own blood. A couple of years later Gregson meets the Doctor shortly after David travels to the moon of Antiok. David does not find out that Gregson died on LV 46