Doctor Who Expanded

For The Planet Productions (formerlly Nick Payne Productions from 2016-19) is a film and media production group set up by Nick Payne. It creates films and audio adventures, including Doctor Who and Doctor Who related films and audio adventures. It was set up in January 2016, but also features stuff from before 2016 (some 2015-16 content is listed under 'Nick Payne Films'). The name was cahnged in May 2019 and was first used with the relase of "Doctor Who: The Ultimate Universe- The Thirteen Doctors" audiobook. "Earth Agents: Camoflauge Of The Crocodile" was the first short film to use the new logo.

Films & Videos[]

  • The Stranger (Short Film, 2012, PG)
  • Born To Fly, Born To Die (Trailer, 2013, PG)
  • The Lost Ones (Movie Opening, 2014, PG)
  • Earth Agents: The Lone Agent (Film, 2015, PG)
  • Planet Of Discovery (Short, 2015, U)
  • Community Film: Cannons Close (Documentary, 2015, U)
  • Discovery Of The Doctors (Short Films, 2016, U)
  • Class Fan Film (Censored Version) (Short Film, 2016, 12)
  • Class Fan Film (Uncensored Version) (Short Film, 2016, 12)
  • Visual Soundscape- The Park (Short Film, 2016, U)
  • The Effects Of Wood (Short Film, 2016, 12A/12)
  • Diversity- Personality (Short Film, 2016, U)
  • The Big Local: Wormley & Turnford- The Big Lunch (Short, 2016, U)
  • Earth Agents (Fan Film/Internet Series, 2016-present, 15)
  • This Is Us (Short Film, 2016, 12)
  • Good Film (Short, 2017, PG)
  • Bad Film (Short, 2017, PG)
  • Visual Soundscape- The Park 2: The Bridge (Short Film, 2017, U)
  • Class: 2B Or Not 2B (Short Film, 2017, 15)
  • Content from 2018 & 2019
  • Audio Soundscape- The Park 3: The Park In Autumn (Short Film, 2019, U)