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An example of the 2011 redesigned Flower Aliens.
Flower Aliens
Affiliated with The Executive
First appearance "Metal World"
Last appearance "Judgement Day" (so far)

The Flower Aliens, referred to as the Mini Beasts by the Executive, are a fictional extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. Collectively they are the greatest enemies of the series' protagonists, the Time Agents. In the third series of Time Agent, they are controlled by the Executive, who is only doing orders from the Flower Alien's God.


In the first series they were known as "Blobbys". The home planet of the Flower Aliens is currently unknown, although they are mainly found in forests.

The third series of Time Agent saw a redesign of the Flower Aliens. In Sins of the Past and Judgement Day, a giant Flower Alien was introduced to be the God of the Flower Alien's. The giant Flower Alien seem's to have some kind of connection with Agent Liam, whether it is a genetic connection or some kind of god's power but the Executive mentioned that when he who has stepped on Gallifreyian soil is converted, the great God of the mini beast's will be revealed to the universe.


The Flower Aliens as seen in Series Three.

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