Season: 3
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Matthew Beale
Companions: Rosie Williams (Megan Beale)
Writer: Matthew Beale
Producer: Deck 10 Productions
Release Date: 25th July 2015
Running Time: 25m 48s
Previous Story: The Fallen God
Following Story: March of the Wicker Men

"We’re all going on a long journey! See you on the other side, Rosie Williams!"



Legend tells of an ancient artefact passed down the generations and owned by Kings and Emperors - a ring with the ability to bestow power upon the wearer and fulfil their ultimate desires. And the Doctor is going to steal it. From Ancient Rome to a far flung asteroid field, the Doctor and Rosie must escape destiny as history is doomed to repeat itself.


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The Doctor: Matthew Beale
Rosie Williams: Megan Beale
Captain Murray: Benji Clifford
Warren: Billy Treacy
Emperor Commodus: Matthew Beale
Emperor's Guard: Darren Beale
Exodus AI: Matthew Beale
Barman: Matthew Beale


Written, directed, produced and cover art by Matthew Beale
Music by Kevin MacLeod & Murray Gold
Title music by Eaglestriker
Remixed by Matthew Beale

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