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Exhausted Supplies is a Fan made Audio by Luke Oliver, script edited by Leno Pisano, in the style of a big finish productions.

Publisher's summary[]

The Twelfth Doctor lands on the burial planet of Excessia. Unfortunately, the locals misunderstand his reason for visiting, and soon he is fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, the Ninth Doctor is exploring the futuristic metropolis of Ventosus. Everyone seems perfectly happy here, but things are not quite as they seem.

As the mysteries on both planets deepen, the two Doctors are slightly surprised when their paths cross...


To be added.


The Doctor - Jonathon Carley

The Doctor - Pete Walsh

Enceladus - Meg Dawson

Old Woman -Gwen Brown

Chief Cabinet Minister - Robert Rowe Doris Flora Dawson

Digital Walls -Peter Robinson

Carebots - Eve Oliver & Leno Pisano



External links[]

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