Doctor Who Expanded

Evolution is a fan produced audio drama by Security Kitchen Productions , it is an adaptation by Jacob Licklider of the Official Missing Adventures Novel of the same name, which was originally written by John Peel. It was directed by Licklider and Joey Morgan.



Brian Corrigan (The Doctor)

Alia E. Torrie (Sarah Jane Smith)

Noah Witner (Arthur Conan Doyle)

Zak Rosenfeld (Edmund Ross)

Antonio Alvarez (Rudyard Kipling)

Joey Morgan (Edward Fulbright)

Samantha Foreman (Roger Bridewell)

Kai Clayton (Alice Fulbright)

Alex Baxter Scott (Percival Ross)

Michael Gibbins (Tobias Breckenridge)

Lewis Kennedy (Abercrombie)

Nathan Beattie (Alexander Cromwell)

Mason Peters (LC Dunsterville)

Oliver (George Beresford)

Marcus Cotton (Bernard Faversham)

Harry Gosling (Billy)

Ian Arney (Ben Tolliver)

John Foreman (Brackley)

Jack Kinney (Joshua Duffy)

Jonathan Clarcq (Jack Lamb)

Other parts played by members of the cast.