Empire of the Daleks
Season: 29
Story Number: 142
Doctor: Jefrey Coburn Doctor
Companions: Mark Triyad, Dara Hamilton
Writer: Joseph Medina and Thomas Himinez
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1996
Running Time: 148 minutes
No. Episodes: 6 episodes
Previous Story: Fictional Hypothesis
Following Story: The Doomsday Signal



When we last saw the Daleks in the Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks, they were fighting among themselves and their homeworld Skaro was destroyed. But in the Doctor Who TV-Movie starring Paul McGann, we got a glimpse of the planet Skaro which is apparently intact.

So what the heck happened?

The Empire of the Daleks takes on the ambitious task of explaining it. And then some. The Daleks return to their former strength with a vengeance. The Doctor (Jeffrey Coburn) and his companions discover that the Daleks have somehow reunified their forces. What's more, they have changed their own past and the Doctor must find out how they succeeded.

Then-associate producer Thomas Himinez, and Dark Dreams scriptwriter and former script editor Joe Medina, worked together on this six-part audio-adventure. Their intention was to create an epic tale in which the Daleks would be dangerous adversaries once again and, at the same time, provide a worthy backdrop for the personal stories of the characters fighting them.

Empire of the Daleks will be the last trip aboard the TARDIS for Mark Triyad (Peter Hinchman). We learn more about his past and the psychological scars left from his military career in the 24th Century. And through the course of his final adventure, Mark gets a chance at new friendship (and possibly romance), only to watch it die before his very eyes...then find it again.

We also get hints about the past of companion Dara Hamilton (Sheri Devine). Dara first appeared in Countdown to Armageddon as a rebellious student at the Cantebury School for Girls. In Empire of the Daleks we find out that Dara had deeply personal reasons for attending Cantebury School, reasons that still haunt her even now.

But the Doctor's companions aren't the only ones with curious revelations in Empire. The Daleks destroy lives as well as exterminate them, and the characters that appear in the story to oppose them provide testimony to it. Not only is the survival of the human race threatened by the Daleks, but also its nature. The relentless and brutal struggle reveals the dark aspects of characters we think we can rely on in this story, and the lowest of the low finds a shred of human decency in himself.

And the Doctor himself will do things that no one would do even in a fan-created Doctor Who story like this one. Listen to Empire of the Daleks and find out for yourself.


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Doctor Who: Jeffrey Coburn
Comdr. Mark Triyad: Peter Hinchman
Dara Hamilton: Sheri Devine
Voice of Daleks: David Segal
Serena Ryan: Jamie Lawson
Major Patel: Joe Medina
Colonel Chrichton: Ian Dodds
UNIT Aide: Mark Forrester
Buford Metter: Chip Jamison


Script Editor: Raymond De Long
Title Music: Dominic Glynn
Graphics: Chris Sutor
Story by: Joe Medina
Special Sounds: Rachel Sommers
Additional Script: Thomas Himinez
Produced by: Douglas Phillips
Executive Producer: Richard Segal
Directed by: Joe Medina

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 20D7
(c) 1996 Everlasting Films


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