Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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Defenders of Earth (Spinoff)"

Earthdeath is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Doctor Who Time and Space


"It's started,"
"What do you mean, what's started?"
"Uh, I'm regenerating!"

The Doctor to Zack before his regeneration

Continuing on from the previous two episodes, the Doctor and Zack are taken into the Master's base of operations after being captured. Inside the Master awaited them. The Master talks to the Doctor, telling him of his plan and how the earth will be sucked out of time. The Doctor is then taken to his cell and the Master talks with Zack. Zack informs him that the Doctor will stop him just before being taken away.

In the prison cell the Doctor tells Zack that he can't do anything, and that it's all over. Zack then gets up and smashes down the door and they both escape to the tardis. Inside the tardis the Doctor says that he can stop the Master's plan if he closes the time vortex inside the master's the tardis. The tardis then materialises inside the Master's tardis where the Doctor exits to talk to the Master. The Doctor gave his final warning until being shot down by the Master's laser screwdriver. Zack runs into the room and the Master tells the Doctor to tell Zack what is going to happen. The Doctor then explains he is going to change, then burst out regenerating. The Master mocks the Doctor for not being able to stop him, but the Doctor turns and places all his regeneration energy into the time vortex, which seals the crack in time. The Doctor then places the Master inside a reality hold, whre his kind will lay forever.

Inside the tardis the Doctor explains he didn't need to change in the end, then Zack tells him that he wants to go home.

The tardis materialises on earth, where the Doctor and Zack say their goodbyes. The Doctor then travels away in the tardis, and as the tardis sound is heard, Zack runs back toward it questioning himself as to what he is doing and why he is leaving. But it is already to late and Zack says goodbye to the now gone Doctor.


The Doctor - James Burnell

Zack Rogers - Daniel Isaac

The Master - Nathan Cutcliffe

Master's Soliders - Joshua Ness and James Burnell


- It was in fact the cromatrite Crastoff who rescued Jos from the time war, which would lead up to the Master's evil plan, the Doctor discovers this in Season 2

- This isn't the last time Zack Rogers is seen, he will be appearing in Season 2

- The Doctor doesn't need to change his face, just like in Journey's End
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