Doctor Who Expanded

The first series of British science fiction YouTube fan series Earth Agents Retro , created by Matthew Moir. It is due to begin in 2016 (TBA). The series is will be formed of five episodes.


There will be five episodes in the series.

Episode Title Writer Director Release Date
1 Agent X Matthew Moir Matthew Moir 2016 (TBA)
2 TBA Matthew Moir Matthew Moir TBA
3 TBA Matthew Moir Matthew Moir TBA
4 TBA Matthew Moir Matthew Moir TBA
5 TBA Matthew Moir Matthew Moir TBA

Episode 1- Agent X[]

A mysterious agent from Queen Victoria's Classified Agency has gone rouge and will stop at nothing to destroy the agency, with help from the Daleks. Agent Matt gains a new recruit, Callum, a boy from the 21st century who fell through a portal of space-time which took him 55 years back in time. It's up to Agent Matt and Callum to stop Agent X from destroying Queen Victoria's Classified Agency, and possibly, the world.

Episode 2- TBA[]

Episode 3- TBA[]

Episode 4- TBA[]

Episode 5- TBA[]


  • Agent Matt, Played by Matthew Moir
  • Agent Callum, Played by Callum Willox

Cast And Crew Edit[]

Cast Edit[]

  • Agent Matt- Matthew Moir
  • Agent Callum- Callum Willox

Crew Edit[]

  • Writer- Matthew Moir
  • Producer- Matthew Moir
  • Director- Matthew Moir
  • Executive Producers- Matthew Moir and Nick Payne
  • Editor- Matthew Moir
  • Special Thanks- Nick Payne