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DW2012’s Fan Series is a Fan film Web series based on Doctor Who that airs on their Youtube channel and is Produced by Dynamic Works 2012 Productions, which is what it stands for, it used to stand for Doctor Who 2012

DW2012's Doctor Who Fan Film Series
The Purple Doctor (Current),

The Little Red Doctor. The Bald Doctor (Original), The Irish Doctor, The NTC Doctor (Original), The potential Purple Doctor (Original), The Polite Doctor (Original), The Alternative Doctor (Original)

Jessica "Jess" Whitehouse (Series 1-3),

Scarlett (Series 1-Fall of the Doctor), James (Series 1), Lily Roberts (Series 2), The Brigadier (Series 2-Fall of the Doctor), K-9 (Series 3-4), Violet/Robyn (Series 3), Megan "Meg" Williams (Series 3-), Tommy (series 5-)

Writer Luke Newman, Megan Shirley, Dominic G Martin.
Director Luke Newman.
Studio Dynamic Works 2012 (DW2012).
Broadcast 28 September 2013 - Present,

28th September 2019 - present (Remastered version)

Production code 1,2,3,4,5.
Running time
Number of
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Luke Newman Megan Shirley Chloe Naughton Dominic G. Martin Ben Walden Daniel J Patton Dokka Chapman Krystal Moore George Guidera

Luke Newman[]

  • The Little Red Doctor
  • Daleks
  • Davros
  • Omega

Chloe Naughton[]

  • Jessica "Jess" Whitehouse

Megan Shirley[]

  • Megan Williams

Daniel J. Patton[]

  • K-9
  • The Irish Doctor

Ryan Hennessy[]

  • The Forehead Doctor

Jay McGuinness[]

  • The Blonde Doctor
  • The Master

Dale Smith[]

  • Brigadier Nicholas Lethbridge-Stewart

Jessica Prestage[]

  • Lily Roberts

Nathan Carter[]

  • The Northern Doctor

Chloe Cusack[]

  • Scarlett 1

Elizabeth Kirk[]

  • Scarlett 2

Kai Nelson[]

  • Matt
  • Time Lord General

Hannah Padley[]

  • Romana

Scott Mason[]

  • The Valeyard 1

Dokka Chapman[]

  • The Valeyard 2

Rob Baines[]

  • The Quiff Doctor
  • Daleks

Geoffrey Allan[]

  • Davros

James Sutton[]

  • Omega

Matt Powell[]

  • The Polite Doctor

Don Chandler[]

  • The Alternative Doctor


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Episode List[]

Series 1[]

Dawn of the Doctor[]

A recently regenerated Little Red Doctor stumbles into Jessica Whitehouse's life after a mysterious near-death encounter in Cornbury Park. However, it's not long until he gets noticed by the Cybermen, and their company, headed by a Mr. Dickinson, gets noticed by him. Can the Doctor save Earth in time before being converted?

In with the New (minisode)[]

The Doctor does up the TARDIS a little.

Whispers in the Woods[]

The Doctor takes Jess on an innocent trip to 1897, but nothing's innocent with the Doctor around! An investigation of a murderous forest leads them faced with ghost like creatures, Jess becoming infected with a disease, and a chunk of rock that will take the Doctor on a trip round the universe...

Too Much, Too Many (minisode)[]

The Doctor has to figure out Jess' illness.

The Blood Hunter[]

The Doctor alone again for a while watches the TARDIS gets invaded by Zardox, an evil bounty hunter, and it powers down. A chase through the many rooms of the TARDIS as time leaks forces Zardox to assist the Doctor. But grudges held for too long make Zardox not keep up his end of the bargain, and soon the Doctor meets a Future Echo with concerning news about Jess...

Eternal Darkness[]

After a near-death experience with the evil Soul Snatchers at Jess' house, and a warning transmission from The Doctor (Krystal Moore of Doctor Who: Velocity) from an alternate universe, the Little Red Doctor really has his work cut out for him, even before all his other selves are all on Gallifrey! A trip with the Irish Doctor (Daniel J. Patton) and the Blonde Doctor (George Guidera) inside a Dalek, and through a graveyard of all he has lost, a run-in with several early Doctors, a physic message with every incarnation, including what is yet to come in the Purple Doctor (Dominic G. Martin). But things go from bad to worse after the TARDIS crashes, and the Little Red Doctor fights the Valeyard in Purgatory, but can he save the person who means the most to him? Has time finally caught up with the Time Lord?

Call for a Doctor (minisode)[]

The Doctor questions his ability to save people.

A Nightmare Within[]

Landing the TARDIS in James' back garden, the Doctor is thrown into his life, including the disappearance of his mother, and his drawing talent. But his talent soon leads to danger, as the Doctor is forced to travel to another dimension and conquer James' inner demons - including Slenderman itself. A phone call then leads to a very important clue in his search for Scarlett...

Series 2[]

Moving On (minisode)[]

The Doctor has a very traumatic battle with a Dalek mothership, and questions his darker side, deciding on a complete shake-up of his life, now focusing on a cure for Jess' illness.

Days of Forgotten Past[]

After finally finding a cure for Jess, TARDIS miscalculations leads the Doctor to finding out he's too late. In springs a fresh face in his life - Lily Roberts. A battle with the Mirror Demon leads to twelve months of Lily travelling with the Doctor, until the Doctor meets his past self - the Blonde Doctor, who has a missing TARDIS. Can the two Doctors learn to be stuck with each other?

Peril of the Unknown[]

As the two Doctors' arguments elevate, the Little Red Doctor is glad to meet with the Brigadier in London, 2014, accompanied by Lily. The Blonde Doctor is frustrated to find out he can't leave the TARDIS, and the Sea Devils make all water quarantined. Soon Little Red is forced to make an impossible choice...

As One Chapter Closes (minisode)[]

As Blonde finally finds his TARDIS, Little Red is excited to make a new sonic and move onto the next chapter.

TARDIS in Need (Children in Need special)[]

An unexpected encounter with the Irish Doctor leads to Little Red leaving a transmission for Children in Need...

Night of the Scarecrow[]

The Doctor, confident in proving monsters are real lands in a corn maze, with only a scarecrow. The scarecrow warns the Doctor of his future, good and bad. However, the Doctor uses its knowledge to its existence, and meets up with an old friend he thought was long dead...

Reminiscence (minisode)[]

The Doctor is aware that something is wrong with time, but he can't figure out what.

Destiny in Metal[]

Jess' first trip as a returning TARDIS passenger is on a Cyberman spaceship, ordering the dynamic duo to go back to their creation. The Doctor, posing as a Mondas cleaner meets with Mr. Dickinson, and a Mondas worker's feelings for Jess drive him insane, leaving him determined to be the first Cyberman. A chase against the Cybermen leads to the Blonde Doctor, all alone, stuck with Little Red...

Two Great Minds (minisode)[]

Sadly not even two Doctors can solve the time mystery.

Into the Mind[]

A TARDIS malfunction turns the Little Red to insanity, the only cure being Forehead delving into his mind to help him remember his past lives. But after meetings with previous Doctors make the trance fragile, Jess is the only one capable of trying to save the TARDIS being stuck in a time pocket...

Dark Times[]

Ten months of absence from Earth forces the Doctors to watch the aftermath of a Dalek invasion, the majority of the population dead. Blondie surrenders to meet with Davros, as Little Red goes with survivor Sam to a shed on the outskirts of London. With UNIT and his previous companions exiled to Cornbury, the Brigadier continues to search for the Doctor. But is this too much for the two Doctors? Will the second chunk of rock provide any clues? What is wrong with time? And has Davros won?

Series 3 []

Something Old (minisode)[]

The Doctor shows Jess an exploding star but there is something else on Jess' mind as she is given a job she applied for when back on earth. Without noticing Jess plays around with the TARDIS console to see the return of an old desktop theme. In a panic Jess begs the TARDIS to change back, however the Doctor remain oblivious to the new desktop change and instead notices something smaller.

The Arkhallon Trance[]

Wakey Wakey, the invasion has begun! The Doctor is back kicking off the first adventure of 8! The Earth is under threat, everyone is sleeping, and death is on it's way! The Doctor joins forces with UNIT to fight the deadly race known as Arkhallons but maybe earth needs more than The Doctor.

Age Of Humanity[]

The Doctor gives Jess the option for anywhere in time an space, and upon her request to see everything the Doctor takes her to the beginning to where they discover the Dinosaurs. But not all is what it seems when robots start to emerge from a familiar sight and with extinction about to happen...the Doctor and Jess must restore humanities time line before its too late.

Power Of The Puppeteer[]

The Doctor reunites with one of his old friends and goes up against "the Hood" who threatens to assassinate each one of those he holds most dear with time bombs.


The TARDIS is pulled into a portal in space and the Doctor finds himself in 2017 in a haunted house where mysterious happenings have been going on. The Doctor meets Professor Henry Vancouver and his assistant Megan Williams. As the prophecy unfolds...ever looked into a mirror and questioned who's looking back?

War Salvage[]

Megan wants to see history and her wish is the Doctor's command. The Doctor takes Megan back to 1485 to where they meet King Richard III as he prepares for the Battle of Bosworth. But they soon discover King Richard has powerful allies which threatens not only history...but the galactic war between the Rutan's and Sontarans!

Birth Of An Angel[]

The Doctor is trapped on earth, no TARDIS and limited power on the sonic, whilst Megan and K-9 are in distress in the TARDIS which refuses to land the Doctor discovers the weeping angels lurking in a graveyard and it's descendants. The Doctor stays with Jess and tries to blend in with the humans, but on their final adventure together, some truths shall be revealed.

Journey to the Multiverse[]

The Doctor has returned to Gallifrey, but forced with a mission by the time lords the Doctor has to locate the Master who has disappeared from space and time. The Doctor and Megan head to Skaro and cross to an alternative time line to find the universe in ruins...but who caused it?

Darkness Rises[]

The second part of the Series 3 finale. The Doctor is dead. Megan is lost and alone. The Earth is at its darkest hour. And there is something dark rising in the shadows. As the universe searches for answers to the doctors whereabouts. A choice has to be made, but a difficult decision becomes an impossible choice.

Series 4 []

The Doctor's Confession (minisode)[]

The Doctor and Megan are back with an explosive entrance as they race to save a crashing ship, however with something aboard the ship things soon change for the Doctor and Megan. As the Doctor reflects on the loss of Jess, and still blames himself, has he put another friend in danger? It's time to confess...

Essence of a Legacy[]

The Doctor has gone. Vanished. After losing Jess and then almost loosing Megan, the Doctor has decided the universe is better off without him. But the universe thinks different. Everyone is seeking the Doctor but no one can find him, friends and foes alike join in the search, but not all for good reasons. Last years finale the Doctor released Omega and there's a price to pay for it, one that will change his life...forever.

Planet of the Cybermen[]

The Doctor and Megan are invited to the unveiling of a new collectors piece, only to find themselves thrown into the heart of the action and discover the Cybermen are in possession of a deadly weapon...the planet of the Cybermen!

Blood Ties[]

Promises. They can come back to haunt you. With the Doctor and Megan trapped in different time zones, Megan is forced to revisit a time right from her very beginning. A time that could alter the future, a time that could put the TARDIS and the Doctors life in danger. The truth has to be faced and answers must be given. And there are consequences.


Galatica 4, a scientific research ship in orbit of Jupiter sends out a distress call, the entire crew are dead and there is a mystery on board as the Doctor and Megan are up against a very new kind of villain!

War of the Daleks[]

Megan has been away for a while as so has the Doctor but now they are back and with a unexpected mission the Doctor and Megan are up against the Daleks! but with one slight problem..... there in the middle of a war!

The Mysterious Calling[]

The Doctor and Megan are drawn to a young woman who pleas for help following an alien abduction, with a mysterious telephone box at the heart of the abductions the Doctor and Megan must unite and save the lives of the innocent.

The Fatality Trap[]

UNIT salvages something of great importance of the Doctors from the ocean bed, and as the future of the time lord becomes clearer, the team are pushed to their limits as the events to follow will be life changing..

The Final Enigma[]

Megan has been missing for 2 months and the Doctor has been interrogating everyone in the universe. The final enigma unravels and the war ignites, whilst not everyone makes it out alive..


The Fall of the Doctor[]

The past, present and future are all stake. Omega threatens everyone in existence as he fights for power over time and space, but the Doctor, friends and foes unite together to stand against Omega.

The final instalment of the Little Red Doctor's era. The future is changing, and unsure whether he'll make the next incarnation, this story is an epic emotional roller-coaster, built on friendship, heart break and desperation. The end is coming as an army rises in the shadows. Time ticks, slowly running out. The last breath is coming...

Series 5[]

How Time Flies[]

A new era begins.

The Doctor has regenerated. The TARDIS has crashed. Megan's friendship with the man she once knew has shattered, and there is something evil lurking amongst the earth.

Join the brand new Doctor along side new faces as he battles to find himself and rekindle his friendship with Megan whilst saving trying to save the earth!

Dominic Greenwood Martin debuts as the new Doctor.

Related Content[]


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Alternate Universe Fanfilms[]

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Audio Dramas[]

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Short Tales[]

Chaos in the Chasm[]

Set moments after the Little Red Doctor's regeneration, and before the TARDIS crashing, this short tale is based on what happened to the doctor during the TARDIS crash. How he saved Megan, and why he let her go.

Self Reflection[]

Set between Episode 1 and Episode 2 of series 5, the Doctor gets to grips with this new body. Whilst trying to fix the TARDIS, the Doctor has to adapt to being stuck on earth.

It's 3:32[]

Set between Episode 1 and Episode 2 of series 5, It's been 9 days since the invasion of the Time Flies and Megan Williams can't sleep. With a newly regenerated Doctor and her Mum suddenly back alive, home life and Doctor life are both shaken. And she doesn't know who she can trust.

Scotch Egg[]

Set between Episode 1 and Episode 2 of series 5. James is no one important. Taking a lunch break from a job he hates he decides to change his routine by taking a seat on a park bench...


He doesn’t want one, even if Charley insists he needs one. The Blonde Doctors hair is is trademark so he’s very particular about how it’s handled. A haircut should be a simple thing, but before he knows it The Doctor is being attacked by a patchwork robot who wants to cut more than his hair.

The Garden[]

The Blonde Doctor returns in an all new Short Tale, in which a most peculiar journey causes him to come face to face with one of his former faces...

Zygons at Abbey Roads[]

The doctor takes Maggie to meet the Beatles, but all isn't as it seems.

The Last of the Time Flies[]

The Doctor fights to save the universe and his TARDIS from the insects of time one more! The first foe the purple Doctor faught is back for more!

Apathy of an Angel[]

The Purple Doctor returns in a new Short Tale, and this time he meets a mysterious old man... and a terrifying old foe.

Doctor Who Remnants[]

Requiem for Prosperity[]

Nebula duty. That's all it was supposed to be. But the USS Prosperity's onward venture back home is interrupted by a mysterious metal capsule. But as the crew examine it, they quickly find that they are about to become victims of a very sinister trap from one of the universe's most disturbing inevitabilities...

The Last Brothers on Earth[]

  • Content Warning: Themes of mental health and suicide

The year is 5.5/Apple/26. 2 brothers have secretly remained on Earth for the last day of its life. One desperately awaiting the end, one calmly hoping to escape. Only one of them can fulfill their fate.

Victim of the Cybermen[]

Moments from his destruction, and with its emotional inhibitor broken, one Cyberman takes a moment to do something he hasn't been able to do for years... think to himself.