Doctor Who Expanded


DW is the Doctor Who fiction series based on the long-running BBC science-fiction television series “Doctor Who”. DW centers on the continuing adventures of an alternate Doctor and his companions.

Stories are uploaded to YOUTUBE as part of an overall season that concentrates on delivering a collection of short stories that sees the Doctor facing new and original situations in time and space.

After productions of Season 3 had finished but Danny Walker didn't reappear as The Doctor after Season 3

Announcement was Douglas was confirmed as The Doctor to appear in Series 4 - Series 5 

List of Characters who appeared []

NAMES No of Appearances
THE DOCTOR (Dw) Series One - Three
THE DOCTOR (Dw) Series Four - Five
THE DOCTOR (Dw) Series Six - Ten
COMPANION (Dw) Series One - Series Three / Series Nine - Series Ten
THE MASTER Sometimes
DALEKS Sometimes


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