Dreamscape cover
Season Number: 6
Story Number: 28
Doctor: Vincent Savage Doctor
Companions: Mark Newman
Writer: David Segal
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1982 (remastered November 2004)
Running Time: 63 minutes
No. Episodes: 3 episodes
Previous Story: The Children of Spider County
Following Story: The Testament of Marius

Dreamscape is the 28th story of the Doctor Who Audio Dramas and the third of Season 6.



It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The Doctor and Mark attempt to solve the mystery of a strange asteroid that New Agers believe heralds a new era for Mankind. But that era comes with strange voices, telekinetic powers, and death for those who refuse to believe.

Even as the Doctor is able to enlist the assistance of Professor Andrew Travers of the University, even his traveling companion, Mark Newman, is finding himself drawn under the power of Akar of the Hakari.


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The TARDIS console has needed a lot of work since the Doctor's encounter with the Zylons, which is either before or after Mark's time.

This Doctor is a tea lover who wants to sample all 5,000 varieties of hibiscus tea throughout the galaxy.



Doctor Who: Vincent Savage
Mark Newman: Bryan Dull
Mr. Colby: Jim Abrams
Henry: Jim Sutton
Professor Carl Taylor: Richard Garfield
Professor Andrew Travers: Jesse Cox
Akar: Buzz Kirkland
Steven: Monty Nail


Script Editor: Allen Davidson
Title Music: Earl Music Ltd.
Graphics: Steve Tommson
Story by: David Segal
Additional script: Rob Schwartz
Special Sounds: Elektra Effects Ltd.
Produced by: Richard Segal
Executive Producer: Jerry Segal
Directed by: Sandy Greenway

Production InformationEdit

Production Code: 10A28
(c) 1982 $egal/CHORD Productions


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