Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 5
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Nick, Rob McCow
Writer: Steven Alexander
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: December 2007
Running Time: 80 minutes
No. Episodes: 3
Previous Story: Consequences
Following Story: Heart of the Haniad



'It can't be!' exclaimed Nick. But it was. There in front of him stood the mythical Toy Lord Father Christmas!

Christmas is a time for fun and cheer but when DOCTOR WHO and his young companions arrive on the mysterious Christmas world of Tinsel, they find horror and intrigue. DOCTOR WHO investigates some brutal murders with the help of an unexpected ally, Rob has to escape the deadly Mines of Tinsel and Nick falls into the clutches of an old enemy! But what are the deadly forces that threaten the Spirit of Christmas on Tinsel? Can Father Christmas reconcile with his new wife? And will DOCTOR WHO be able to escape the fearsome clutches of the deadly Christmas Gnomes?


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  • Vera has now remarried and is now Vera Christmas.
  • Scott has allied himself with the Minister for Peace, Kestero.
  • This story introduces the character of Vera's grandson Craig. His whereabouts prior to this adventure are not yet known.


  • Unusually, post-production on this story was shared out amongst three people: Si Hunt (episode one), Steve Alexander (episode two) and Pip Madeley (episode three).
  • Episode 3 contains two music cues specially written and performed especially for the production by Pip Madeley - the first and only time original music has been used in a Planet Skaro Audios production.


Doctor Who - Paul Monk
Nick - Dave Tudor
Rob McCow - Steve Alexander
Father Christmas - Dave Taylor
Vera Jundrey - Simon Hart
Scott - Anthony Williams
Rudolph - Tim Hawtin
Kestero - Jonno Simmons
Craig - Phillip Madeley
Comet - Andrew Clancy
Dasher - Antony Cox
Dancer - Ali Bongo
Prancer - Ashley Culley
Vixen - Jody Monk
The Robot Fridge - Simon Hunt
Christmas Gnomes - Antony Cox, Si Hunt and Simon Hart


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