Doctor Who Expanded

Doctor Who Velocity, is a fan films series based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.  The series was created by Krystal Moore who also stars as The Doctor.  The first episode, titled Regeneration and The Witchfinder General, was released on YouTube channel in October 2017. Alongside the films there is also a trilogy of audio dramas under the tile of The Life and Times of DJ Lloyd, which depict three Christmas adventures of The Doctor and her companion DJ Lloyd, episode one, A Dalek for Christmas, was released on YouTube in December 2017.

Unlike many other fan series, which will use the main BBC series as a jumping off point, Doctor Who Velocity exist in an entirely separate continuity, with alternative versions of characters such as Davros and the Vashta Nerada, who differ significantly from their BBC counterparts. Though characters such as The Master and The Weeping Angels remain fairly faithful to the originals.

The series has also crossed over with the Doctor Who Fan Film series from Dynamic Works 2012, the Velocity Doctor appeared in the 2019 remake of their multi-Doctor story Eternal Darkness, which established her as existing in an alternative dimension to the Dynamic Works 2021 Doctors. Episode 6 of Doctor Who Velocity, TRON, also featured actress Megan Shirley as Megan Williams, the character she plays in the Dynamic Works 2012 series, this episode also established the Doctor Who Velocity Universe as being Dimension 7.


  • Krystal Moore as The Doctor
  • Jen Potcher as Gloria Apiary/Agnes Waterhouse
  • Chance Fuerstinger as The Master
  • Scott Grady as as Davros/Witchfinder General
  • Paycen McGahey as Kevin Apiary/New Romantic
  • Denae Gardner as Ashley
  • Dylan Wood as Jeremy Butler/Moral Authority Officer
  • Chris Phillips as Justice Southcoat/Daleks (voice)/PC Reg Hollis/Master Control Program (voice)

Guest Stars[]

  • Sophie Aldred as Ace
  • Megan Shirley as Meg


Doctor Who Velocity[]

Title Written By Airdate Cover Art
Regeneration and The Witchfinder General Krystal Moore Oct 31, 2017
Davros and The Daleks Return! Krystal Moore Jul 15, 2018
The Master takes Revenge! Krystal Moore Oct 31, 2018
The Weeping Angels! Chris Philips Aug 1, 2019
The Vashta Nerada Return! Krystal Moore and Chris Philips Dec 30, 2019
TRON Chris Philips Sep 11, 2020
The Silence Gavin Cummings Jan 30, 2022
The Boglins Chris Philips Sep 1, 2022
The Cybermen Chris Philips Feb 2, 2024

The Life and Times of DJ Lloyd[]

Title Airdate Cover Art
A Dalek for Christmas Dec 25, 2017
Club Quatermass Dec 24, 2018
The Bitter End Dec 22, 2020