Another way fans have stamped a little of their creativity onto the Doctor Who brand is by redesigning the logo, with varying degrees of success. For information on the official BBC logos, see the TARDIS wikia article.

Fan FilmsEdit

DennyFilms ProductionsEdit

Logo on vortex

Symbiote ProductionsEdit

The logo is a play on the 2005 BBC series, with a hint of the 2005-10 logo.

Symbiote Productions Doctor Who Logo

Series 1 logo

Doctor Who Internet SeriesEdit

DWIS logo s1 02

Series 1 logo.

Swinging Lizard ProductionsEdit

The logo in series one was a basic Eight Doctor logo rendered in black and white. For series two a new logo was introduced, based roughly on the diamond logo.

Tenth Logo

Series 2 logo

OCS ProductionsEdit

The logo which appears in I Know That Voice is a redesigned version of the Troughton logo.

Fan AudiosEdit

BrokenSea Audio ProductionsEdit

BrokenSea kept the original arrangement, but changed the font.

Broken Sea DW Logo

Nested logo (2008-09)

Darker Projects

Originally using the old vertical style and incorporating some of the series' icons (the TARDIS and Seal of Rassilon), later adopting the horizontal layout in amore simplistic style.

DarkerProjects DW DP logo2

Current Logo 2008/9

Own Productions Edit

Its been unknown 

Snapshot 1 (9-14-2015 8-37 PM)

Series 1



The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD)Edit

In the DWAD's 27 years of creating audios, they have used numerous logos.


Seasons 1-6 (Steve Tommson)


Seasons 7-11 (Steve Tommson)


Seasons 12-22 (Daniel Cobbs)


Seasons 23-28 (Jeri Rogers)


Variation with pale border


Seasons 29-30 (Chris Sutor)


Season 31 (Cliff Bowman)


Seasons 32-33 (Who3D)


Season 34 (Jeri Rogers)


Variation from Iron Legion


Variation from Project Alpha


Season 35 (Matthew Chambers)

Season 27Edit

In the top right corners of these CD covers are Season 27's two logos. The first is a variation on the 1973-80 diamond logo, while the second is more original.


First logo


Second logo


Second logo, gold/black scheme

Ultimate RealityEdit

Seen in a promotional banner for the unfinished story The Caverns of Blood.

Ultimate Reality cavernsbanner

The Caverns of Blood Banner

Fan FictionEdit

Fan Fiction Logo1

Fan fiction logo #1

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