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This wiki is about the fanon of the Doctor Who universe. Seeking to compile all the fan creations and collated fluff into one usable database. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article. Sit back, have a browse, and get stuck in.

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The Projection Room, formed in the Spring of 1994, is the now-established name for a 'Doctor Who' fan-film group that has had a number of identities since it's humble beginnings in Nottingham. The group is now, however, primarily based in Leeds in the United Kingdom but with members across the globe.
A collaboration image of various productions from The Projection Room, 1994-2011.

To date the group have scripted, filmed, directed and produced 8 of their own Doctor Who pieces, namely The Crystal of Achillon (1994), The Invisible Opiate (1995), The Deadly Alliance (1995), A Stitch in Time (1996), Masterplan (2000), Gene Genius (2004) and The Schrödinger Effect (2008) and collaborated on a number of others - The Doctor Who Interactive Board Game (1999), The Trial of Davros (2004), The Final Three (2008) & "Pudsai" (2008).

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