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Doctor Who Animeted
Season number: 1
Story number: N/A
Doctor: Animeted Ninth Doctor - Joshua Clark
Companions: Kera Smith - Stella Riley

Frobisher - Vasilios Alagiannis

Writer: Joshua Clark
Director: Joshua Clark
Produced by: Manga Gothic Media
Running Time: 45 mins each
No. Episodes: Slated for 13 episodes, 1 Christmas Special and One Children In Need Special
Previous Story:
Following Story: "Rose"

Is a 3D animeted series by Manga Gothic Media animated in the anime styling of Jin-Roh Creators, Mamooru Oshii and Hiroyuki Okiura and written in the style of the new TV show produced by Russel T. Davis. It is slated for 13 45 minuite episodes and promises a brief appearance by the Eighth Doctor, two episodes featuring the Cybermen, and other villians and monsters both old and new, including a back drop plot that reaches an ultimate conclusion. Also in the works are a Christmas special and a Children in Need special



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thumb|300px|rightThe story is set not soon after The Last Great Time War, though the shows creator is at pains not to set anything firmly in stone, featuring a regeneration from Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor. The Episode "Mondas" ties in the consequences of the Doctor's actions in the Big Finish production, "Spare Parts". The creator also plans to tie in with the Russel T. Davis plot without interrupting the show's continuity with out adding anything new to the canon. The plot has been written deliberately prewritten with a beginning and end in mind and waited for the Season Four finally before putting final touches to the overall story. Appearances by the Cybermen is confirmed. A mysterious White Dalek has also been leaked, though the significance of this has yet to be explained. Reference also to the hand of oblivion has also been made.

Frobisher is set to make an appearnce, in his much love penguin form

Episdes One and Two are set directly after the Great Time war. They are also a sequal to the Big Finish production "Spare Parts" and a prequal to the "Tenth Planet". Krall also makes an appearence before he becomes a cyberman

Episode 13 "The Long Goodbye" is set shortly before "Rose"


The series will consist of 12 45 minuite episodes, a feature length conclusion and a feature length Christmas special as well as a Children in Need short

Episode one: "Mondas"


The Cybermen from Episodes one and two

Directly after the Time War the Newly regenerated Doctor is recovering in a Mondasian hospital ward and has earned the attention of the Cybermen, who live side by side in seeming harmony

with a socirty of healthy Mondasian humans

Episdoe Two: "Equality"

The Cybermen have begun the assimilation of the Mondasian human population, and only the Doctor can stop them. Without his Tardis, however, he has yet to come to terms with his new incarnation and his limitations

Episode Three: "Undying Love"

On taking his new companion, Kara, on a tour of the Human race in Earth's history, the Doctor investigates the possibilty of a vampire in Paris of the 1890's

Episode Three: TBA

Episode Four: "Brave New World"

The Doctor and Kara come across a planet with a thriving civilzation, but it has no history

Episode Five: "Foundation of the Daleks"

The Doctor arrives in modern day Sheffield University and meets the kindly Proffesor David Ross, but a small group of hibernating Daleks begin to show an interest in the unassuming Proffesor.

Episode Six: TBA

Episode Seven: TBA

Episode Eight: "The Children of Hamylin"

The Doctor and Kara find an ancient Tardis in the Mountains of Hamylin, and the spirits within are angry

Episode Nine: "Krall"

After the failed invasion of 1987, an insane Cyberman Krall plots his revenge on the Doctor and the Human race

Episode Ten: TBA

Episode Eleven: "The Second Great Chase"

The Doctor is pursued across time once again by the Daleks, in a replay of an old classic adventure

Episode Twelve: "Dalek Prime"

The Doctor finally comes face to face with the one thing the Daleks fear more than him and an old enemy of the Time Lords and creation itself

Episode Thirteen: "The Long Goodbye"

The Animeted Ninth Doctor faces his greatest challenge as he fights to save the Universe from it's greatest threat yet, but the price may be too high

Christmas Special "The Star"

The Doctor and Kara embark on a daring resue mission to rescue a Penguin from the zoo, and find themselves at odds with an intergalactic threat andmust save the world in time for Christmas Dinner

Children in Need: TBA


Doctor Who Animeted is being created on Blender 3D, an open source animation programme.

Episode One Modas is schedule for release June 2010

The Animeted Ninth Doctor has gone under a big face lift and has been finalized for the initial release. A Paul McGann model has also been created for the series

Mr Nine

The Final approved Animeted Ninth Doctor (hair will change)


The Doctor-' Joshua Clark

Kera Smith - Stella Riley

Frobisher -Vasilios Alagiannis


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