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Doctor Who: The Thirty Minute Nightmare is a Short Fan-Edited Film by Adam Boyes. It was made to give Toby Jones a "Era" as "The Dream Doctor." The Short Doesn't have a straight forward narrative, coming across more like a Psychedelic Trip.

The Clips used are mostly from the Doctor Who Episode "Amy's Choice" but it also includes interviews of Toby Jones as well as using footage from his other works.

The Music and Intro is all from series 5 of NeWho but played Backwards to created a dream-like atmosphere.

As of 2020 it is lost.


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Prologue: Going to Sleep[]

The Eleventh Doctor is sitting on the floor of his Tardis. he lies down and closes his eyes. (Note This is The Doctor waking up from the episode "Big Band 2" only played backwards.)

The Nightmare Begins[]

As The Doctor Sleeps, he takes on a Dream incarnation who travels a unconscious plane of reality known as "The Sleep Universe." This ginger haired, short, older man incarnation drew his personality and observations from the "dark" aspects of the Doctor's subconscious. This included his innermost thoughts and doubts about the course of his life and perhaps cavalier treatment of others, including self-loathing, guilt, arrogance, selfishness and even lust. 

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Epilogue: Back to The Real Universe[]

The Doctor Wakes up, Back in his Eleventh incarnation and comments on how weird the dream was.

"Oh! Okay. I escaped, then. Brilliant. I love it when I do that." - The Doctor


Main Cast[]



  • Editor - Adam Boyes
  • Music - Murray Gold

Story notes[]

  • Sadly, due to Copyright, Adam can't upload his work on the Internet and there can't be seen by anyone else.
  • Bodach From the K-9 Story "Dream-Eater" & The Nightmare Man from the The Sarah Jane Adventures Story "The Nightmare Man" make an appeases.
  • The Intro is The 2010-2012 opening played backwards and Mirrored.
  • Seeing as this is a Dream of the Eleventh Doctor, and he appears at the Start and end of the story, it could count as an Eleventh Doctor Story.