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Doctor Who: Minecraft
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Format Science fiction
Fan film
Created by Mojang (Minecraft)
Starring MPL xV D0ct0rZz
Country of origin United Kingdom/Wales
Language English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Producer(s) MPL xV D0ct0rZz
Running time 40 minute episodes split into 10 minute parts.

Original YouTube

Original run 2013—
YouTube channel

Doctor Who: Minecraft is a upcoming science fiction fan series of British television program Doctor Who. It will depict main character The Doctor trapped in a fiction universe known as Minecraft, which is a sandbox independent video game created by Markus "Notch" Persson and developed by Mojang. The series is being created by dalekjoe8 on YouTube, and is set to release in December 2013.


Series One (2013)[]

The first Series consists of 6 episode's and will start the Doctor's adventures in Minecraft.

Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1 "Invasion of the Creepers" PuLse EliTeZ dalekjoe8 2013 1.1
Set in the modern day Minecraft village of Paradise City, this episode introduces character Alan, who will play a major part in a future episode.
2 "Silence of the Endermen" PuLse EliTeZ dalekjoe8 2013 1.2
This episode will be set in the past before the 1.8.2 update, in the Nether. It will feature complete silence, as the Doctor and Alan discover more than an destructive species, and why their silence is to end.
3 "End of Paradise" PuLse EliTeZ dalekjoe8 2013 1.3

Alan wishes to return home, but discovers his place is overrun by the undead, who took over seemingly overnight. But not only are their zombies, but the Doctor's arch nemesis the Master has taken over the Minecraft world. The Doctor must fight for his life as Part one of the series draws to a close.

4 "Asylum of the Creepers" PuLse EliTeZ dalekjoe8 2013 2.1

This Episode is Set after "Invasion of the Creepers" and reveals the true origin of the Creepers, Based off the "Asylum of the Daleks" Episode it features the return of John Barr and multiple other Characters that were in "Invasion of the Creepers".

5 "TBA" PuLse EliTeZ ??? 2013 2.2

Not Much is known yet but this is the first story of Doctor Who: Minecraft not to be written by dalekjoe8.

6 "Back to the Nether" PuLse EliTeZ dalekjoe8 2013 2.3

This Episode is Set after "Silence to the Endermen" and "Invasion of the Creepers" The Doctor and Alan invite John Barr to accompany them to the Nether but a sinister force is controlling John.

Theme Tune[]

Doctor Who: Minecraft Features a Theme Tune identical to the 2013 Doctor Who theme tune.

Doctor Who Unreleased Music Doctor Who Theme Tune 2013

The Theme Tune to DW:MC