Doctor Who Expanded
Doctor Who: Encounter
Jed Rhodes Doctor, A. Treasure Doctor
Emma, Isabelle.
Writer Jed T. E. Rhodes
Director A. Treasure.
Studio The Lungbarrow Brothers
Broadcast 13th May 2011
Production code 1.Episode 1
Running time 10 minutes 11 seconds.
Number of
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In a wood, somewhere, the Doctor (A. Treasure) lands his TARDIS and begins searching the area for something. At the same time, the Doctor (Jed Rhodes) arrives with his companion Emma (Sue Prosser) - he sends her looking elsewhere, while he begins scanning the area with his sonic screwdriver. The two Doctors search the woods, eventually stumbling into one another.

They have a brief discussion of whether they are endangering the universe, which moves on into whether the two have companions (the Xth does not) which in turn moves on into a discussion of which enemy the two are fighting (the Xth Doctor is combating Sontarans, and the Nth Doctor is fighting Cybermen). After the two realise their initial plans are useless against their current foes but might work on the opposite, they agree to "swap" enemies on this occasion, and are about to depart when the Xth Doctor feels the need to ask whether he "[went] out well". The Nth assures him that he did, and that he will especially enjoy “what’s coming next”. The two depart.

The Xth Doctor runs into a woman who appears to speak telepathically, named Isabelle. Meanwhile, the Nth Doctor reunites with Emma, who chastises him and suggests they go deal with “monsters”, which he agrees to.

Memorable Quotes[]

XTH DOCTOR: Oh lighten up.

NTH DOCTOR: Are you suggesting I'm being over-serious?

XTH DOCTOR: I'm suggesting you lighten up.

The two discuss the seriousness of the situation.

NTH DOCTOR: Don't hate your future.

XTH DOCTOR: Don't forget your past.

NTH DOCTOR: How could I? I seem to run into it on a semi-regular basis.

The two say goodbye.


The Xth Doctor meets Isabelle in this episode - she will later leave in "Hunted".

The Nth Doctor is travelling with Emma, who leaves in "Emma”.

The Nth Doctor briefly shows the Xth a River Song type screwdriver, which he carries for unknown reasons.



The Nth Doctor: Jed Rhodes

The Xth Doctor: A. Treasure

Emma: Sue Prosser

Isabelle: Amelia Treasure


Director: A. Treasure

Writer: Jed T. E. Rhodes

Script Editor: A. Treasure

Music: Jed T. E. Rhodes, Murray Gold (elements from TV series)

Producers: Jed T. E. Rhodes, A. Treasure