Doctor Who Expanded

Deciet is a fan audio drama by Security Kitchen Productions. Written by Jacob Licklder, it is an adaptation of the New Adventures novel by Peter Darvall-Evans. It was directed by Licklider and Joey Morgan



Joey Morgan (The Doctor)

Alia E. Torrie (Ace)

Taya Van Dyke (Bernice Summerfield)

Alex Baxter Scott (Abslom Daak)

Jess Hartman (Isabelle Defries)

Kai Clayton (Lacuna)

Ace Vo (Britta Hoffman)

Antonio Alvarez (Francis)

Charlotte Coleman (Elaine Delahaye)

Brian Corrigan (Pool/Reynald Yesti)

Bobby Shaddoe (Captain Toko)

Caroline Tankersley (Edward Delahaye)

Zak Rosenfeld (Gerald Delahaye)

Bread (Christina Delahaye)

Joanna Davies (Celescu)

Other parts played by members of the cast