Doctor Who Expanded
Day of Destruction Part Two
Twelfth Doctor Adventures (Crash4563 Productions) episode
Stephen Paternoster Twelfth Doctor
Stephen Smith
Writer Stephen Paternoster
Broadcast July 2008
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"Law of the Daleks Part One" "Omega Three"


The Doctor and Stephen encounter a prototype Dalek that has just recently killed a UNIT solider by the name of Jason Sampson and the Doctor knows he cannot hide from prototype Dalek and decides it's best for Stephen to remain in hiding while the Doctor hands himself over to the prototype Dalek. The Doctor enters into facility where he meets a man named The Controller and Davros (Crash4563 Production) and they both have been tracking the Doctors movements for sometime they have also both been killing innocent humans and building prototype Daleks.

The Doctor knows they both were responsible for Jasons death and know that UNIT will enter the scene and offers them both a chance to stop there experiments or face the inevitable but they refuse and the Doctor throws a mini electric bomb at The Controller which kills him and Davros head falls off his body and the entire facility blows up and so does the prototype Daleks. Knowing the day has been saved yet again the Doctor and Stephen leave.


This episode takes place after Law of the Daleks Part One and was originally part of Eleventh Doctor Adventures.