Doctor Who Expanded
First appearance: Davros and The Daleks Return!
Last appearance: The Master Takes Revenge!
Portrayed by: Scott Grady
Series: Doctor Who Velocity

Davros is the creator and ruler of the Daleks, and an enemy of The Doctor.

Davros is based on the BBC Doctor Who character of the same name, though there are significant differences. He is less scared than his BBC counterpart and seems to be able to use his eyes, though he still has an eyestalk-bulb in his forehead, he also has blue skin, possibly in reference to the blue humanoid Daleks depicted in the TV Century 21 comics. The most significant change would be that this Davros seems to be the undisputed leader of the Dalkes, whom he controls through a form of telepathy, where the BBC version's relationship to his creations has always been tense.


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