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Davros is an extra-terrestrial creature from Doctor Who and many fan films. He is the creator of the Daleks.

Character History[]

Davros is responsible for the creation of the Doctor's deadliest enemies, the Daleks. He was created by screenwriter Terry Nation.

Davros is a scientist from the planet Skaro whose people, the Kaleds, were engaged in a bitter thousand-year war of attrition with their enemies, the Thals. He is horribly scarred and crippled for reasons that are never explained on-screen, with only one functioning arm and one cybernetic eye mounted on his forehead; for much of his existence he depends completely upon a self-designed mobile life-support chair which encloses the lower half of his body. It would become an obvious inspiration for his eventual design of the Dalek. Davros's voice, like those of the Daleks, is electronically distorted. His manner of speech is generally soft and contemplative, but when angered or excited he is prone to ranting outbursts that resemble the hysterical, staccatissimo speech of his creations.

Davros is a megalomaniac who believes that through his creations, the Daleks, he can become the supreme being and ruler of the universe. He is a brilliant scientist who has demonstrated mastery of robotics, metallurgy, chemistry, artificial intelligence, cloning, genetic engineering, biology, physics, military tactics and cybernetics.

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In official Doctor Who[]

Michael Wisher
David Gooderson
Terry Molloy
Julian Bleach

In fan films[]

Howard Richardson
Liam Legham
Dean Packis
Ethan Stevens
Joseph McQueeney
John Ruth
David Nagel
Tony Coburn
Willy Quinn

Appearances in Fan Media[]



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Doctor Who: The New Regenerations[]


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  • The New Flesh
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Doctor Who Early Adventures[]

BTV Productions

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Wannabe Doctor[]

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