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Segal Era
David Segal Doctor
No. seasons: 15
No. stories: 75
First appearance: The Andromeda Syndrome
Last appearance: Countdown to Armageddon
Portrayed by: David Segal
Preceded by: Vincent Savage Doctor
Succeeded by: Jeffrey Coburn Doctor
Series: DWAD

David Segal played the Doctor for an unheard-of 10 years (1983-93), breaking Tom Baker's record. Oddly enough, Segal's Doctor was based off of Baker's, and some of Segal's stories were near-total remakes of Tom Baker-era ones; even Segal's regeneration story, Countdown to Armageddon, was a remake of Logopolis (and then only because the producers had some Logopolis music they wanted to use).

Story StyleEdit

Most of this Doctor's stories were written by Segal himself, and as noted above were like Tom Baker's stories. Thus, if you looked at the Tom Baker era of official Doctor Who, you would have the story style of Segal's Doctor.


Described as "the Hero", Segal's Doctor was like Tom Baker's Doctor personality-wise, too. Even his clothes were similar.


  • From The Wrath of Poseidon
    • Doctor: "On Gallifrey, we had a saying, 'The chosen choose to be chosen.'"
    • Mark Triyad: "I thought that was a Vulcan proverb?"
    • Doctor: "I only said we say it a lot. I didn't say we made it up."

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