Doctor Who Expanded
David Nagel Doctor
No. seasons: 3
First appearance: The Big 'F' Up
Portrayed by: David Nagel
Succeeded by: Matthew Chambers Doctor
Series: DAM Productions


How would you feel if you found yourself being shunted into mis-adventures with people claiming to be your companions even though you have no clue who they are, and not only that, you are told by “your own people” that you have up the ratings for the show? A bit confused? Question....what show?

Well that's how the Doctor presently feels. Lumbered with a companion called Mike, who he has no idea how they met. The Doctor must travel through his adventures via “The sliders device” (The Big 'F' Up) Running into, through and out the other side of the most bizarre adventures you could ever imagine...whilst all the time being watched, manipulated, poked prodded and generally the subject of great unpleasantness by another being playing a much larger game with him.

And so the Doctor must find out...and quickly because events are moving and time is running out.

This Doctor is akin to the Fifth Doctor and Seventh Doctor, this Doctor is far more humane than he would probably admit to himself, sometimes unsure and indecisive while at the same time still exuding the aura of he actually knows what he's doing, dealing with the spur of the moment rather than the grand scheme.

Text by Matthew Chambers


  • Mike
  • Sarah
  • Sammy
  • Alice Morgan
  • Chandresh Singh

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