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David McLaughlin is a film maker from the United Kingdom. Best known for his work in machinima and being the longest running member on FiveWhoFans

But before hand being a small time Fan Film director for two projects. Hunt for The Plofalofa and Child of Gallifrey.


When David first came to YouTube he did a Doctor Who series titled Child of Gallifrey that started in 2006 and ran mid to 2007. A non-canon series to the televison show, he started as a younger version of The Doctor. Aswell as Directing, Writing, editng and producing it. After 11 Episodes (One Series and a Christmas Special) The series died due to actors not wanting to take part anymore.

In 2007 a new series Hunt for The Plofalofa was formed with him and his cousin and YouTube Partner Patrick McGrotty. This followed two former Time Agents/Professors, who had travel to a strange world in search for the creatures know as The Plofalofa. David was again director of the series as well as playing the role of Dave. After 3 series it ended, but the story never was wrapped up.

When Paradox Productions then emerged after 3MenVid in 2009, David took a step back from the fan film community almost completely and started focusing on his machinima work. Then in 2010, he return when, he joined FiveWhoFans at Christmas of that year and has stuck on the team since then, making him the longest running member. He has also appear made some apperances in other fan films such as Time Agent as a Vision X Shareholder.


Year Title Role Notes
2006-07 Doctor Who: Child of Gallifrey The Doctor Also Directed, Wrote, Edited and Produced the Series.
2007-09 Hunt for The Plofalofa Agent Dave Director aswell.
2011 Time Agent: Series 3 Vision X Shareholder Voice Only.