The Invisible Daleks of Mondas
Type: Bio-Mechanical
Affiliation: None
Origin: Mondas
Production Group: Hedgehog Productions

Optredens in Fan MediaEdit


  • The Doctor (The Invisible Intruders, The Great Dalek War)
  • Rose Tyler (The Invisible Intruders, The Great Dalek War)
  • Cybermen (formerly) (as said in The Invisible Intruders)


  • Dalek (The Great Dalek War)
  • Cybermen (as said in The Invisible Intruders)
  • The Starman (The Invisible Intruders)
  • The Master (The Great Dalek War)

Usual Personality TraitsEdit

Daleks of Mondas aren't really different from their Skaorin counterparts. However, unlike them, they have three more emotions: Fear, Happiness, and Sadness.


The Daleks of Mondas weren't always the Daleks of Mondas. At first, they were creatures called Flying Starfish. However, like the Cybermen before them, they too had to upgrade. They built metal suits made from ice-fused Dalekiam to build themselves "metal, moving igloos". They developed cloaking technology, and used that to their advantage. The peaceful Daleks were at war with the raging Cybermen for seven years during the second Time War. Sometime near the end of the Time War, Mondas was attacked by a Starman, forcing the Daleks to flee. But, that's not the last seen of this semi-peaceful race...


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