The Dalek Prime was a senior-ranking Dalek according to some accounts. The title may have been interchangeable with that of Dalek Supreme, much in the same way that the Supreme was occasionally referred to as the Black Dalek.

References to the Dalek Prime are limited to secondary sources, where it is variously the last survivor of the Daleks created first-hand by Davros, the leader of the Daleks on Skaro (the Supreme commanding off-world operations), and an amalgam of the Supreme and the Dalek Emperor. (DWN: The Chase (novelisation), The Evil of the Daleks (novelisation), EDA: War of the Daleks)

It is commonly shown as a shorter Dalek with a spherical top section, rather like the TV21 Dalek Emperor.

Dalek Prime as the first Dalek Edit


Dalek Prime is depicted as a White Dalek in Doctor Who Animeted and treated as a deity to be feared by the other Daleks

In the Big Finish Audio Drama, "I, Davros" the first Dalek makes an appearence in the final 5 moments of the last act, shortly before the event seen Genesis of the Daleks.

The original Dalek was, in fact, a man called Baran, an officer in the Thal military. He was assigned to infiltrate Kaled military headquarters and uncover their secret plans. He encountered Davros while posing as a Muto shortly before he was captured by a Thal squad. He discovered Davros's genetic experiments, but was captured by Nyder. Davros, recognising him as a Thal spy, made Baran the subject of his next operation, the first to be performed on a Thal. After irradiating and augmenting the brain, Davros had it transplanted into a Mark I travel machine, thus creating the first prototype Dalek.

Apperances in Fan Films Edit

The One Doctor Edit

The One Doctor (50th anniversary special) refes to Dalek Prime as an almost God like individual in Dalek Mythology who's agenda is not entirely in line with the Dalek Empire's agenda.

Dalek Prime in The One Doctor

Dalek Prime in The One Doctor

In the canonical Doctor Who universe the Dalek Prime was elevated to becoming the Emperor of the Daleks, who oversaw the larger aspects and operations of the Dalek Empire.

"I thought you were just a myth. The first Dalek, still alive after all this time. Probably the one thing the Daleks fear more than me..."

Animeted Ninth Doctor

Chrismas with the EnemyEdit

In the Teens Inc and Anermay Studios animated adventure, the Dalek Prime is shown to be in control of a Dalek spacecraft.

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