Dalek Experiment
Doctor: War Doctor
Companions: The Human Dalek
Writer: Aristide Twain
Producer: Goblin Studios
Release Date: 24 November 2018
Running Time: 22 minutes
No. Episodes: 1
Previous Story: Dalek Experiment - Audio Trailer

Dalek Experiment is a fan audio drama released in late 2018 by Goblin Studios, its first Doctor Who project aside from the trailer/prequel to this story released some time before it.


The Time War. A Dalek is mutated into a human-like form by a rogue Scientist Dalek, who gives him a handheld blaster gun and then reveals that his base is under attack from the War Doctor.

The Scientist lets its shields fall and tricks the Doctor into thinking that the knocked-out "human Dalek" is a true human being whom the Scientist has taken hostage; this prompts the Doctor to take him aboard the TARDIS. Slowly realizing the situation while the distraught no-longer-Dalek has a mental breakdown, the War Doctor is able to figure out that the Scientist actually disguised a bomb as the gun, and stops the Dalek from firing it.

Slowly coming to terms with no longer being a Dalek, the new human asks the Doctor to be taken away from all war; the Doctor grants him his wish, taking him to the Eye of Orion, and promises to commit his face to memory. It is revealed to be the face which the Doctor would later take on as the Ninth Doctor.


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