Some fans of The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD) have written short stories/E-books based on characters from the series. They receive no input from the audio production team, but are made publicly available on the DWAD message board for people to read. Sometimes beings listed on the DWAD website proper. However, it has been made clear by the production that these books are not considered part of the canon, and are thus unofficial fan fiction.

David Segal Era Edit

The Last Colony NovelizationEdit

Original Script by Robin-Mary Manseth Adapted by Thomas Himinez

An incomplete adaptation of the audio of the same name, with only the first episode complete.

The Last Colony Novelization

Jeffrey Coburn Era Edit

Can You Best the Devil Edit

By Matthew Chambers

Set between The Warlords of Apshai and Devinaura IV.

One night aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor reflects on the improbabilities in his life and ponders if there is divine intervention at work - and what this may mean about his conflict with the Master.

Can You Best the Devil?

Jym DeNatale Era Edit

Halcyon Putrefaction Edit

By John Parr

A vignette prequel to Object Permanence, showing the last moments of the Jym DeNatale Doctor.

Halcyon Putrefaction Links

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