Doctor Who Expanded


as the tardis flys through time and space it lands in cardiff police station,when he came out he was arrested "uh oh" said the doctor.

When he is slamed in jail a wandering police officer says "who are you",the doctor replied,when the policeman heared his name he was in shock real bad!

As soon as poisble he phoned area 51 as soon as possible then they come from new mexico to cardiff just to get this man to area 51,the policeman came to.

As the area 51 helicopter came into new mexico the pilot asked the policemans neame he answerd,Adrian!

Just then they landed in dreamlands landing area,"we've landed!" sang the pilot


As Adrien walked through the doors of AREA 51 he was shocked on how much there was to see such as talking computers to time machines.

"I now who's ship that is" said the doctor,"who's or what?" replied Adrien "THE MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" replied the doctor suddenley he ran of leaving his tracks behind.

When the doctor got there he found the master standing next to a bunch of mechano vultures.

"It's started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried the doctor,the master let out an evil laugh "ha ha ha!!!!"


As soon as possible the doctor had passed Adrean and was already on his way back to the chopper.

"WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Adrean.

"Our time is now!!!" said the master "let's go!!".

Quick as a flash the doctor and Adrean were on the helicopter and going back to cardiff when suddenley.....


The mechano vutares crahed through the roof of area 51 As the master screamed "you thought you could get away from me?,well think again!"

Then the doctor said "I didn't think I could get away from you that easaly" then the doctor held out his sonic screwdriver and zapped the master!.

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the master as he fell out of the sky and on to the floar where he went and died!.

"I can defeat you that easaly!" said the doctor just then they landed back in cardiff where the doctor and Adrean headed back to the tardis


"Right then,goodbye Adrien" said the doctor with a smile.

"WAIT!!!!" said adrien,"can i come with you"

"ohhhh,well, oh alright" said the doctor.

Then both of them got into the tardis and sped into the vortex. vroooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!.