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The group began in 1998.

The group dissolved in 2010 or 2011


The Doctor Who Crossover Adventures are a series of audio plays created by Australian fan Aron Toman. The Crossovers are stories that cross-over into other worlds; for example, Doctor Who meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Doctor Who meets the Muppets.  In the earliest Crossover Adventures, genuine audio clips from the non-Who shows were used alongside newly-recorded audio of the Doctor and his companions.  As time went on, the series became more ambitious and all dialogue was recorded by Toman and the actors he recruited online.

The Vaults
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Dimensions of the Doctors Aron Toman 6 Episodes
02 Muppets in Time Aron Toman 1 Episodes
03 Dalek Slayers Aron Toman 3 Episodes
04 The Warrior Goddess Aron Toman 5 Episodes
05 The Woodsboro Murders Coren Idle 3 Episodes
06 Illusia Aron Toman 2 Episodes

Trip of a Lifetime
No. Title Writer Episodes
01 Judgement Aron Toman 3 Episodes
02 Toil & Trouble Aron Toman 1 Episodes
03 A TARDIS Christmas Aron Toman 2 Episodes
04 Faithful Unto Death Aron Toman 3 Episodes
05 A Cause for Carolling Aron Toman 4 Episodes
06 A Time Lord In Prince Henry's Court Aron Toman 4 Episodes
07 Fear Flight Aron Toman 3 Episodes
08 West Wind Aron Toman 3 Episodes
09 Yes, Santa, There Is A Davros Aron Toman 1 Episode
10 Race Against Chime Aron Toman 1 Episode

Missing Pieces
No. Title Writer Episodes
?? One Jump Ahead Aron Toman 1 Episodes
?? I Found You, Babe Aron Toman 1 Episodes
?? Education Of The Daleks Aron Toman 1 Episodes
?? The Great Novel(la) Of Doom(ish) Aron Toman Novel
?? When Davros Stole Christmas... Aron Toman 1 Episodes
?? Dimensions In Transference Aron Toman 1 Episodes
?? Bah! Michael Maher 1 Episodes
?? Let It Snow Aron Toman 1 Episodes


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