Doctor Who Expanded
Christopher Thomson
Born Christopher Thomson
19 January 1991
Occupation Actor, writer, director

Christopher Thomson (born 19 January 1991) is a British actor, writer and director. He is best known for his portrayal as the Doctor (2006-2008), when he tookover from his younger brother, Scott and later handed over the keys of the TARDIS to his friend, Nicholas Miles. He is also well-known for his non-Doctor Who shows such as "The CT Show", "Today's Officers" (and it's follow-up series "Today's Detectives"), and "Words of Woodman"

For most of his life, he has wanted to be a filmmaker. With his, now closed production company, Teenz Inc, he produced many films and programmes over seven years, such as: The CT Show, Today's Officers, Doctor Who - The Christopher Thomson Series and eventually Doctor Who: The Final Adventure, with a troubled production follow up The Ultimate Conflict.

Christopher is a fan of Doctor Who, and has wanted to produce his own contribution to fan films. He has also portrayed his version of the Doctor in the animated adventure, Christmas with the Enemy alongside the John Hutch Doctor and DAM Productions' Children in Need 2008 Special, Pudsai (Which he co-wrote with friend and fellow fan on Doctor, Matthew Chambers).

His latest and most notable role was as The Executive in Series 3 of Time Agent, prior to a cameo in one of the 2009 Specials as a Time Agency representative.