Doctor Who Expanded
Charlotte McLeod
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 1990s
Travelled with: Chris Hoyle Doctor and David Hobson Doctor
First appearance: 'The Invisible Opiate'-1995
Last appearance: 'The Schrödinger Effect'-2008
Portrayed by: Emma Bone
Series: The Projection Room

Character History[]

When we first see Charlotte, in 'The Invisible Opiate', she is already an established passenger in the TARDIS with the Chris Hoyle Doctor. There is, however, an as-yet-unmade story ('A Spoonful of Sugar') which sees the introduction of the character.

Charlotte is working at 'Rochester Pharmaceuticals', a small medicines firm that the Doctor is investigating on Earth in 1994. Although initial working independently, their paths soon cross and they end up joining forces to get to the bottom of what is going on at this seemingly innocuous establishment.

Like many of the Doctor's later companions, Charlotte is feisty and knows her own mind and although she occasionally gets into scrapes it's as much the case that she rescues the Doctor rather than he always rescuing her. This is evident even in Charlotte's first story where she breaks into the cryofreeze suspension facility to free the imprisoned Doctor shortly after the Doctor's intervention saves her from the clutches of the infected Rick Wilding.

In the first two stories we see her putting her bio-chemists knowledge to good use, synthesising a potion that the Doctor hopes will cure the infected victims in 'The Invisible Opiate' as well as being called upon to purify gold in 'The Deadly Alliance'.

However, at some time after events in 'The Deadly Alliance' she decides to leave the TARDIS for a more sedentary lifestyle, ultimately moving to the tranquil village of Howbury where she - amongst other things - gets involved in the Am-Dram society at the local church. That is, of course, until the Doctor turns up again, at which point she is dragged (against her will) back into the chaotic and dangerous world of the TARDIS!! We also see in 'The Schrödinger Effect' that she is travelling with the David Hobson Doctor, although this seems to be a more mature Charlotte, somehow more seasoned in her time-traveling exploits, with a darker side.

List of Appearances[]

In Action[]


'The Invisible Opiate' - Part 1


'The Invisible Opiate' - Part 2


'The Deadly Alliance' - Part 2


'The Schrödinger Effect'


'The Schrödinger Effect'