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Charles Alexander is a fictional character played by Dominic G. Martin in a series of fan made audio plays produced by Hill Productions, and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He is a companion of the 13th Doctor, he first appeared in The Spectres of Merryworth Village, which was released on YouTube in October 2016.

Charles Alexander
Home planet: Earth
Home era: World War 2
Travelled with: Josh Hill Doctor
First appearance: The Spectres of Merryworth Village
Last appearance: Absence of the Daleks
Portrayed by: Dominic G. Martin
Series: Hill Production

Character History[]

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  • Martin has also played The Doctor in a series of fan films from DynamicWorks2012 (DW2012), his incarnation, known as The Purple Doctor, debut in The Fall of the Doctor in 2018.
  • Martin is an avid cosplay, and has released several videos on his YouTube channel covering hos to cosplay various Doctor Who Characters.