Doctor Who Expanded
Doctor Who: Revolution
The default series logo as of July 18, 2017.
Format Audio
Created by Jason R. Wallace, James P. Quick
Starring Jason R. Wallace
Country of origin United States
Language English
No. of series [TBD]
No. of episodes [TBD]
Jason R. Wallace, James P. Quick
Producer(s) Jason R. Wallace, James P. Quick
Running time [TBD]
CP Studios

Original YouTube
Original run [TBD]—[TBD]
DWRV @ Tumblr

CP Studios' Doctor Who: Revolution (DWRV) is a series of audio drama adventures created by Jason R. Wallace and James P. Quick.

Pulling from the BBC television program, ancillary Whovian media, and speculative "alternate history" work by Quick and Scott D. Harris, the series radically alters and remixes the life and times of the Doctor and the franchise’s universe to produce a wholly new, cohesive saga of everyone’s favorite renegade Time Lord.


July 6, 2017

Development begins on DWRV, with Wallace and Quick drafting a series bible.

July 18, 2017

Graphic designer Vishal K. Bharadwaj produces the series' logo.


Series One[]

  1. The Labyrinth in Space
  2. Journey's End
  3. [TBD]
  4. [TBD]
  5. Unnamed Richard Hoover Story
  6. The Dragon's Dilemma
  7. Flight of the Empress
  8. Ghost in the Machine
  9. The Eternal War
  10. That Which Survives

Series Two[]

  1. [TBD]
  2. [TBD]
  3. The Nostalginauts
  4. The Columbian Indecency
  5. Operation: Gateway
  6. His Accidency Meets the Doctor
  7. The Whim of the Soothsayer
  8. Scavengers from the Hidden World
  9. House Paradox
  10. And the Clocks Struck Thirteen

Series Three[]

  1. [TBD]
  2. [TBD]
  3. [TBD]
  4. I, Cyberman
  5. Where There's Smoke...
  6. Shroud of Smog
  7. [TBD]
  8. Hunt of the Daleks
  9. Time, Inc.
  10. Chronoclasm

Series Four[]

  1. The Orphean Sea
  2. The Sea's Treasure
  3. [TBD]
  4. [TBD]
  5. [TBD]
  6. Declaration of War
  7. Smoke Signals
  8. The Doctor in Love
  9. Mission to Metebelis
  10. The Web of Vengeance

Main Cast[]

  • Jason R. Wallace as The First Doctor