Blood Money
Season: 3
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Rob McCow, Nick
Writer: Martin Penny
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: May 2009
Running Time: 50 Minutes
No. Episodes: 2
Previous Story: A Baron For All Seasons
Following Story: The Hand of Peace




'Lt. McCow' as a Skraith soldier.

The Doctor lands the TARDIS on Earth, hoping to show Nick and Rob the glorious future of humanity. But when they step out into a battlefield, it becomes clear that something has gone terribly wrong with the destiny of the Doctors' favourite planet...

The travellers soon find themselves caught in the crossfire of the long and bloody war between the Boralans, led by the bold Baron of Boralis, and their mortal enemies the Skraith. Tor Garane is on Earth too, as usual out to profit from the conflict as best he can. But what has brought the ages old war to Earth, a planet with nothing whatsoever to do with it?

With Rob taken prisoner by Emperor Narl of the Skraith, and the Doctor and Nick entrusted with an undercover mission to win the war for the Boralans, it remains to be seen if the travellers can escape an increasingly likely fate as casualties of war..


  • This story introduces Nathaniel Westbridge, a thespian actor from the future who provides the voice of most of the computers in the galaxy. This is a reference to the fact that all computers in the Planet Skaro Audio adventures set in the future are provided by Simon Hart, who plays Westbridge.
  • The reason for the Baron of Boralis signing up to use the Paradise Machine is revealed here - he was depressed over the war with the Skraith and the failure of his would be pop career.
  • It is revealed that Tor Garane is a member of the reptillian caste of Skraith. The other caste's of Skraith include the Evolved and the Insectoids. The Insectoids are not seen, and the other castes avoid mentioning them.




  • Written by Martin Penny
  • Directed, Sound Design and Production by Si Hunt
  • Cover Artwork by Pip Productions

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