• MattyMG13

    Hello users of Doctor Who Expanded! How are you all?

    My name is Matty and I'm from Doctor Who Fanon, which is a similar wiki to yours that is similarly dedicated to Doctor Who fanon and fan fiction.

    We, the staff at DWF, are very impressed by the thriving community of Doctor Who Expanded and seek to establish as big a user base to your own.

    We can see that you are producing some amazing quality content and that you are trying your best to keep this wiki up and running.

    However, let us not deny it, there are some flaws with you wiki.

    First of all, there is no administrative structure on the wiki. All your admins have been inactive for over 2 years and so it does not look likely that they shall ever return. Whilst one of you could adopt the wiki, …

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  • Crazy Whovian

    New Member

    April 10, 2014 by Crazy Whovian

    As the title says, I am a new member. I just need to know what I can do on here and basicly how to work the website. Just basic information. Thanks!

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  • Tony ingram


    April 9, 2014 by Tony ingram

    Does this wiki's remit cover the commercially produced BBV/Reeltime fan videos of the 90s?

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  • Mobius64

    Hey Expanded Universe, this is a plea for help! Well, not so much. What I'm doing is creating a massive timeline that includes every single Doctor ever to appear in Doctor Who releated media. This includes the TV Doctors (obviously), Fandom Doctors, Non-Canon Official Doctors, Doctors used in adverisments (Sky Ray, Candy Cadet) and so forth. If anyone wants to add anthing not included on this wikia then tell me and I'll slot it in.

    On a side not, would anybody have a good picture of the Doctors that appeared in the Hayakawa Bunko books from the 1980s? They are increadibly hard to track down and I've yet to recieve a reply from the publisher. 



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  • MrAnonymous

    Okay I'm writing a fanfiction based on Doctor Who the idea is that it's about another time lord similar to the Doctor who is a survivor of the Last Great Time War. The main character is called The Professor and the main villain is The Cyber Emperor. Now The Cyber Emperor is not just a cyber-man but he is also a former companion and good friend of the Professor who was converted into a cyber-man and consequently became the new ruler of the Cyber-men.

    Now before I go any further i need to explain theyre history The Professor had a choice he could kill the Cyber Emperor or trap him and his army of cyber-men on a colonized human world (there was nothing he could have done to save the remaining humans) but the Professor couldn't kill The Cyber E…

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  • IAmNikoBellic

    Hello There everyone! Doctor Who: Minecraft is now being planned as a Audio Drama instead of a YouTube Series thanks for reading!

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  • Type13

    Type 13 Series

    January 25, 2013 by Type13

    I am creating another fanseries, a live-action series called Type 13, following the adventures of "The Girl that Gallifrey Forgot."

    Please visit my website,, for more information.

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  • IAmNikoBellic

    I Am pleased to announce that Doctor Who: Minecraft is under full development and aims for a December 2013 release!

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  • Thedoctor10000

    i really to failed on Time Agent: London

    beucase its one Time Agent by billy & jamie'

    i just can wait for Series 4 

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  • Rhain1999

    Hello there fellow Whovians!

    So, we're into the official seven series of Doctor Who already! What did you all think of it?

    I'm just here to leave you a quick update on what I've been doing lately. Well, I've just gone round to many pages to do with the Projection Room, and updated them to the modern layout of the articles here. Oh, and I added a good page or two to the "Random Featured Article", on the home page! If you improve your article, drop me a message and I might consider your article to go there too! :D

    Also, over the past year or so, I've been trying to get the Time Agent pages up to date and all well. The best page from the category would be the Time Agent page itself, but the page on the fourth series is also very well made and catchi…

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  • TheTrueDoc

    If you are intrested in writing for a successful fan fiction wiki please follow this link; Doctor Who: The Lost Adventures or to find out more contact me at my page on the aforementioned wiki; TheTrueDoc

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  • Botcherby

    Wikia have added a few new features - Blogs, User Masthead, and Avatars. All will be useful for our community to interact and update the site.

    The blog will be the perfect replacement to the old Bulletin Board idea, and replaces it as of today. All site announcements will go here. Any user can add a blog post on whatever subject they like. The post can only be edited by the original author and admin staff. It should be on topic about fan productions. Here are a few subject ideas:

    • Reviews
    • New releases
    • Information on competitions
    • Upcoming showings at conventions
    • Production diaries

    No doubt there are more possibilities, we will see how things evolve.

    To make a post you'll need to go to the new User Masthead by clicking on your username (you must be r…

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