Doctor Who Expanded

Billy Garratt-John is a podcast host and TV producer from Bristol, England.

Since August 2021, he has co-presented The Review of Death: A Doctor Who Podcast with Matthew Toffolo - new episodes are posted on audio streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and the video versions of the show are uploaded to the batmanmarch YouTube channel.

In May 2019, Billy was one of the on-screen contributors to BBC Studios' Doctor Who On Twitch pre-shows alongside Katy Manning, Paul Cornell, Tom Spilsbury, Beth Axford and Matthew's brother, Jonathon (Matthew served as co-host and producer). In January 2021, Billy released an fan audio adaptation of the lost Doctor Who story, 'The Dark Dimension' - produced in lockdown, it drew praise from fans and cult publications.

Professionally, Billy has worked on two features for the Doctor Who Collection features (in the Season 2 and Season 22 sets) and Assistant Produced the 2023 television documentary Doctor Who: 60 Years of Secrets & Scandals for Five.

He has also made brief appearances in several FiveWhoFans videos, most notably as the first member of Christopher Johnson's SixWhoFans takeover event and since 2018 has appeared in the Aimless Wanderings audio adventures as The Passenger.