Doctor Who Expanded
Barbara Benedetti Doctor
No. seasons: 1
No. stories: 4
First appearance: The Wrath of Eukor (1984)
Last appearance: Broken Doors (1988)
Portrayed by: Barbara Benedetti
Preceded by: Sixth Doctor
Succeeded by: Michael Santo Doctor
Series: Seattle International Films

The Barbara Benedetti Doctor, as seen in the stories produced by Seattle International Films, is an incarnation of the Doctor played by Barbara Benedetti. In her first appearance in The Wrath of Eukor, she mentions that she has recently regenerated and expresses shock at turning into a woman. As her outfit at the beginning of that story is of the "mainstream" Sixth incarnation, she is an alternate Seventh Doctor.

Notably, Melanie Bush (the Sixth Doctor's companion at the time of his regeneration) is not mentioned by the Doctor at all during this incarnation's lifetime; this suggests that at least some events of the Sixth Doctor's lifetime did not happen, or occurred in a different manner than we know them to be. It is also possible that Mel simply left the Doctor's company prior to his regeneration.


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  • Carl Evans


At the end of Broken Doors, the Doctor regenerates into a new (presumably Eighth) incarnation played by Michael Santo. While plans were made for a fifth story showing the new Doctor's darker side and Carl's departure, Broken Doors turned out to be the final release by Seattle International Films.