Doctor Who Expanded

BTR Productions[]


BTR Productions, also known as Back to Reality Productions, produce several audio drama series, most famously their Doctor Who series that has been going since 1998. To date, they have made 3 audio series and are currently releasing their fan film, Vanishing Point. The production group was founded by several fans located in Brisbane, Australia, namely Matthew Kopelke and Witold Tietze. The series has had a large gap since its last production, but has resumed releases as of August 2010.

Doctor Who Adventures[]

Series 1

No. Story Writer No. of Episodes
1 Darkness Falls Witold Tietze 4 episodes
2 The Invasion of the Daleks Matthew Kopelke 3 episodes
3 Sentinel Matthew Kopelke 4 episodes
4 The Gallifreyan Recommencement Scott Marshall 4 episodes
5 Rapture the Heavens* Matthew Kopelke & Witold Tietze 3 episodes
  • NOTE: RAPTURE THE HEAVENS was completed but presently offline due to the loss of the digital masters. The film is presently going through an extended reconstruction effort to restore it to its former glory.

Series 2[]

No. Story Writer No. of Episodes
1 The Magical History Tour William Billingsley 3 episodes
2 Smokescreen Peter Grehan 3 episodes
3 The Sahul Continuum Darran Jordan 3 episodes
4 Fortitude in a Slipstream Witold Tietze 3 episodes
5 The Ouroborous Heart Darran Jordan 3 episodes

Series 3[]

No. Story Writer No. of Episodes
1 Second Sight Mark Skubleny & Witold Tietze 2 episodes
2 Dominion Witold Tietze & Darran Jordan 2 episodes
3 Present, Past, and Future Danger Aurora McPherson 3 episodes
4 Marinus Alone Darran Jordan with Witold Tietze 3 episodes
5 Vanishing Point* Witold Tietze 3 episodes
  • *NOTE: Vanishing Point is a VIDEO release (not audio). To date, only the first two parts have been released on their VIMEO Channel.

Short Trips and Side Steps[]

No. Story Writer No. of Episodes
1 A Cause for Carolling Aron Toman 4 episodes
2 Deep Undercurrents Darran Jordan 1 episode
3 Time to Go Home Peter Grehan 1 episode
4 God Rust Ye Merry Gentlemen Peter Grehan 1 episode
5 The Welcoming Darran Jordan 1 episode
6 Weary Death David Nagel & Witold Tietze 1 episode
7 Countdown Peter Grehan 1 episode
8 A Quiet Beach Somewhere Witold Tietze with Darran Jordan 1 episode
9 Christmas Comedy Special Darran Jordan, from an idea by Witold Tietze 1 episode
10 Doctor Who & The Monopoly Pub Crawl of Doom Jacob Aldridge 1 episode
11 Kindred Spirit Witold Tietze 1 episode
12 Ekka Winds Morgan Jeffery & Witold Tietze 1 episode
13 Crisp and Even Peter Grehan 1 episode
14 Big Hugs of Terror Darran Jordan 1 episode