Doctor Who Expanded
Dam arlingtonhall
Arlington Hall
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 5
Doctor: David Nagel Doctor
Companions: Mike
Writer: David Nagel
Producer: DAM Productions
Release Date: April 2005
Running Time: 40 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: Check & Mate
Following Story: Tempromancy of the Daleks



The Doctor and Mike join seven very familiar people in a murder mystery...


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Episode Endings[]

  • 1. The Master/Gameskeeper is perusaded off the edge of platform in space, on which the Doctor declares that they have won the Ratings Game and waits for the TARDIS to arrive.


The Doctor: David Nagel
Mike: Michael Maher
Hull: Frank Pival
Mr Boddy: Philip J Mather
Mrs White: Ben Goudie
Ms Scarlet: Kate Peterson
Professor Plum: Gareth Preston
Colonel Mustard: Mitch Blum
Mrs Peacock: DB Cooper
Mr Green: Peter Humphrey


Sound Design: David Nagel
Music: Antony Lombardi
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Arrangement: Alistair Lock
Cover Art: Matthew Chambers
Director/Producer: David Nagel

Production Notes[]

Act One was originally released April 2005
Act Two was originally released June 2005
Act Three was originally released July 2005
Act Four was originally released August 2005


Streaming audio page @ damproductions.orge

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