Doctor Who Expanded
Amelia Earhart
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 1930
Travelled with: The Game of Rassilon Doctor
First appearance: The Cost of Progress
Portrayed by: Melinda-Catherine Gross
Series: The Game of Rassilon

Character History[]

Amelia Earhart, aka "Millie", was taken from her aircraft and placed in a museum in the 51st century as part of an exhibit on "The Cost of Progress", alongside two other individuals from the 1930s. Unlike Travis, who was also plucked from time and space, Millie has Temporal Amnesia (also the name of the in-game trait) preventing her from remembering the circumstances of exactly when and where she was when she was abducted.

She, along with Travis Killian, were rescued by the Doctor who promised to take her home, though with the TARDIS under the control of a Randomiser that could take some time.

Personality and Traits[]

Millie has a fast, antiquated speech pattern. She frequently refers to the Doctor as "Madame Doctor". She has an aptitude for flying machines, including starships.

She was wearing aviation gear including a leather jacket when she was picked up. She accidentally left her jacket at the museum in The Cost of Progress.

Her in-game traits include Brave, Hot Shot and Percussive Maintenance.


Millie has appeared in every episode of The Game of Rassilon to date.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Both the Eighth and Thirteenth Doctors have alluded to previous misadventures with Amelia Earhart. Whether these will be mentioned or alluded to in The Game of Rassilon is yet to be known.
  • At the live show at Gallifrey One: 30 Years in the TARDIS in 2019, Melinda-Catherine Gross revealed she has something of a potty-mouth, and that her frequent swears tend to be edited out of the podcast.
    • At the same live show, a gag about whether Gross could make the entire 90-minute show without swearing came to a head when, about 45 minute in, she accidentally dropped an F-bomb. The group joked about possibly adding a swear jar to future live shows.